Team members for Laura

We are looking for team members for Laura who is arty, generous and great company. She also finds life difficult at times. Laura has an established team in place.

Team members for June

We are recruiting a team for June. June is a woman who loves to keep busy, is caring, sociable and great fun enjoying new challenges and getting out and about. June has learning disabilities and likes to have structure to her life to stop her feeling anxious. June would prefer to have people who can drive on her team.

Team members for Betty

We are currently working with Betty to help her live in her own home in Plymouth and achieve the dreams she has for her life..

Senior Support Worker for Jane's team

We are currently recruiting for a Senior Support Worker to join Jane’s team.  Jane enjoys going out. Jane needs a team who are creative in thinking about ways to help her understand, her team should be animal lovers and are clear communicators.

Recruiting a team for John

John is a man who likes to keep busy, look smart and have things tidy and neat in his home. He enjoys being outdoors, gardening and manual work. He is a great singer and also loves nature and wildlife. He is sociable and enjoys dancing. He also likes to attend Church. John needs a team who are open-minded and not judgemental, set fair boundaries that they stick to and offer him advice adult to adult. John can become frustrated with life at times and needs people he can trust around him.

Recruiting a team for Clive

Clive is a man with a quick wit and great sense of humour. He takes time to trust you but when he does he is loyal, considerate and caring. He is a proficient swimmer, loves angling and photography. He also enjoys physical outdoor work and conservation. Clive likes to keep busy but also likes his own space at times. He is a truly great man to work with. Clive has times when he becomes anxious about life and needs a team who are patient and able to give him reassurance and stability.

Application forms and job specs

This page has full job descriptions and application forms. Please read the descriptions before applying for a position with Beyond Limits.

Getting out of hospital

Beyond Limits predominantly plan with and then support people with learning disabilities and mental health needs who have had to spend often very long periods of time in Assessment and Treatment Units and Specialist Hospitals. 

We help people get put a service together that works for them using Individual Health Budgets (IHB), which involves a home of their own and a team matched to them (shared hobbies, interests, temperament etc.) or in other words a team that they like being with!

Team members for Howard (Kingsbridge)

We are recruiting a team for Howard.  The team is coming together but there are still a few positions to fill in my dream team! Do you fit the bill?

Team members for Diane

We are recruiting a team for Diane. Diane is a young, energetic, intelligent woman with a zest for life. She is a very sociable person and has been described as an “adrenalin junkie” who needs to keep busy. Diane has mental health needs and her team will have to be flexible but consistent and calm and confident when she is testing their commitment to her. Knowledge of supporting people with personality disorder and/or who self-harm is required.

Team members for Tim (Yelverton)

We are currently recruiting a team for Tim. Tim is very passionate about his hobbies enjoying steam trains, cars, music, books to name but a few. Tim’s team would need to be active, young at heart, strong and confident, drivers, have a sense of humour and able to take instruction from him. His team should not be nervous or risk averse, or have a monotone voice.

Relief Support Workers

We have vacancies for Relief Support Workers

Circa £7.73 per hour

All posts involve evening and weekend work as well as sleep overs.

If you are interested please contact us on:
For an application form, simply download and fill out this form.

Note:  A DBS Check will be requested in the event of a person being offered a position with Beyond Limits

  Job Ref: Relief2014 

My Experience with Beyond Limits, thoughts from one of our Team Leaders

Seeing the advert for Beyond Limits enlightened me, ticked all the boxes for what I believe should be available for anyone with learning disabilities accessing a care provider.

Reading the website I was just hoping that it just wasn't words as it really pleased me in what I'd read.

Application, all knowledge based about you as person, who are you, what you like? Great for people matching. Previous experience was what you have on paper and whether you have training, never about you as an individual.

In Control July 2013 presentation

Welcome to our new service leader

We are very excited to warmly welcome our third new Service Leader to Beyond Limits, she will be joining existing Service Leaders Menna Bingham and Michelle Tucker in August 2014.

  We would like to introduce you to:

Kath Dann

Menna Bingham

Michelle Tucker