Director of Beyond Limits ran a workshop at the NDTi Conference held In London on Service Designs, Working Policies and Individual Health Budgets in March 2012

Sam Sly ran a workshop on Service Designs,Working Policies and Individual Health Budgets and the outcomes of the NHS Plymouth/Beyond Limits  Project so far.  Please click on the below link Nd ti presentation-2012-sam-sly where you can run through the presentation that Sam used.

Speakers included: Bill Mumford, Chairman, Voluntary Organisations Disability Group.

Can we confidently say that Supported Living is being delivered effectively? After the scandal at Winterbourne View, can this approach be applied to people with high and complex support needs? With support from the Department of Health, NDTi has been running the Housing and Social Inclusion project for two years working with seven Local Authorities working to change and improve their housing and support services for people with learning disabilities. This project has generated significant learning and a range of resources on many of the key issues.

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Gemma's Artistic Contribution

Gemma would like to share with you some of her beautiful art and craft work.  We are lucky enough to house Gemma's pictures on our walls at Beyond Limits.  The wonderful dragon is sadly just on loan to us!  Isn't he fabulous!