When Hannah met Josh

Photo of Josh and Hannah on a sofa

By Hannah Addy

I met Josh just over a year ago at the Plymouth City College & at the Highbury Trust disco. I had seen Josh around some times at the main city centre, but I didn’t quite have the courage to ask him out…

We both saw each other on the 13th May, coming out of the city college, I was sitting on the bench outside and we got talking and exchanged each other’s phone numbers…

So now I had his number, later on that day I phoned him and we then met up the next day. I remember it was a really hot sunny day and it was on a Wednesday when I met up with him, he asked me to meet him at the park at St Levans road.

The happy couple

The following day I was at Mount Wise swimming pool for the day with my support when Josh rang me again, and asked if I would like to stay at his flat, Josh had a few cats that he wanted me to see, they were really lovely.

So later on that weekend, he came to my house and we had tea, my support had never met Josh before, Josh was very […]

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