Gone Fishing!

Andrew has always been a keen angler having fished with his late Dad many times since his boyhood days and over time has become a very accomplished angler. I am the Senior Support Worker on Andrew’s team and have also been a keen angler ever since I was 11, something that matches us as we share this common interest.

Andrew Fishing for grey mullett.
Andrew Fishing

This year Andrew learned an angler must work with nature: look at the sky & clouds, watch the waves, listen and to fish, not just with the rod & line, but to see his body as an extension of the fishing tackle and to fish with his wrist, elbows & knees and above all his mind.

With a new determined focus,  Andrew was keener then ever but alas the first time we went out he didn’t catch anything, the second and third time he caught nothing, but he kept at it.

As the weeks and seasons passed by he still had not caught a single mullet, but his determination never waivered, he kept going. The next time though he had bites, lots of them, maybe 100 and missed them all. He did not give up though but more bites were missed as the weeks went by.

Until the day he made contact and “had one on” but he lost this one as well and it wriggled away.

Andrew's catch
Andrew’s catch

Still not giving up he kept at it, slowly making sure his rod, reel, hands, wrist, knees, legs and mind were working together to be a super fishing machine.

Finally the next time it was different, he hooked and landed his first thick lipped grey mullet and then made it two. Fantastic, what determination and what a result.

We are looking forward to see what the next season will bring………..

Written by Stephen Johnson (Senior Support Worker for Andrew)