How we work

This page tells you about how Beyond Limits approaches its work.

Beyond Limits will work with each person as an individual - one person at a time.

We won't provide group support unless people with learning difficulties or mental health issues ask for it. But this is unlikely. We think group services often cause ‘challenging behaviour'.

Careful planning

The support we provide is based on careful planning. There is an overall Service Design that sets out how we will support someone using paid and unpaid support.

The Service Design is worked out in planning meetings with the person, people close to them and professionals. The person must agree who is at the meeting. The meeting considers where the person will live, who will support them, how they will spend their time and how they will find their place in the community.

There is also a Working Policy which has a plan for how to respond in difficult times when, for example, the person’s behaviour tells us we’ve got something wrong.

Citizens not clients

We see the people we support as citizens who have a right to a good life.

To be a citizen, people need six things: authority; direction, money, home, good support and to make a contribution. These 'keys to citizenship’ give us a framework to structure our support.

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