Beyond Limits vacancies in the Plymouth area.

New Vacancy icon Support Workers for James

James is a man in his fifties who is looking for support workers to support him with new adventures. He has his own house in Whitleigh and a mobility car. James has Autism, plus a variety of other health needs that he needs his team to understand and support him with. He enjoys meeting new people, especially whilst shopping and has an interest in cricket, he likes to watch the Simpsons. James likes to have fun and has a great sense of humour, he also has a caring family who are very important to him.

  • Position: Support Workers
  • Location: Plymouth
  • Salary: £16,185 per annum or £8.30 per hour
  • Contract Type: Part-time and Casual
  • Closing Date: 4th January 2019
  • Ref Number: VV/IP

New Vacancy icon Support Workers for Jack

Jack is looking for inspiring and enthusiastic support workers to join his team. Jack is a young man with an endearing personality. He loves swimming, going out in his car to watch people, animals and trains.  Jack also enjoys rough terrain walking and adventure areas. Jack is not keen on too much noise or being overloaded with too much information. He likes to have fun though and has a great sense of humour. He enjoys people around him that are prepared to be extrovert. Jack needs a team around him that can be open to change however remain consistent in their approach and follow structured routines.

  • Positions: Support Workers
  • Location: Whitleigh/Ernesettle
  • Salary: £16,185 per annum pro-rata
  • Hours: Full time, Part Time, Variable and Casual
  • Contract Type: Permanent/Variable
  • Benefits: 7 weeks of annual leave (pro-rata), induction programme including care certificate, training and development. Pension scheme
  • Closing Date: 21st January 2019
  • Ref Code: MT/CS

New Vacancy icon Support Workers for Mick

Mick is a young man looking for Support Workers to complete his bespoke support team. He lives in Plymouth and enjoys an active lifestyle, going for walks, attending the gym and he plays for a local wheelchair rugby team. Mick also enjoys music, growing plants (especially chilli’s) cooking, watching documentaries on wildlife and comedy nights.

  • Position: Support Workers
  • Location: Plymouth
  • Hourly Rate: £8.30
  • Contract Type: Part Time (maximum of 21 hours)
  • Ref Code: RC/RI
  • Closing Date: 4th January 2019

New Vacancy icon Support Workers for Mike

Established team looking for additional staff to support a man in his late 40’s who has a learning disability and some degree of autism. Mike is keen on simple computer games and films and cartoons that have clear heroes and villains. He had a great imagination and like to have a laugh and joke with his team. Mike has nocturnal epilepsy and is quite dependent on routine. He has an interest in growing certain plants in his kitchen and garden and likes to see himself as an adventurer and treasure hunter, he lacks some confidence however and so his team need to be positive and patient.

  • Position: Support Workers
  • Location: Plympton
  • Salary: £16,185 per annum (pro rata)
  • Hours: Part-time
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Ref Code: MB/NC
  • Closing Date: 14th December 2018

New Vacancy icon Support Workers for June

June is currently looking for part time support workers to join her team. June likes to keep her house and garden looking nice whilst looking for new ideas to make it homely. June is a lady who is caring, sociable, likes getting out and about meeting new people, having her nails/make up done and her hair styled. June likes to do things with people, not have them done for her.

  • Position: Support Workers
  • Location: Plympton
  • Salary: £16,185 per annum (pro-rata)
  • Contract Type: Part Time up to 16 hours per week
  • Benefits: 7 weeks of annual leave (pro-rata) and 5-day induction programme
  • Ref Code: JA/HL
  • Closing Date: 4th January 2019